Personalized AI Career Coach

Csqr (pronunciation: C-Square) is an app designed to help tech professionals upskill and accelerate their career.

Whether you are looking to transition into tech, upskill to use AI in your industry, or accelerate your tech career - we are here to guide you at every step of your career journey.

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We help achieve career goals, future-proof your career, build positive
career habits, track progress, and keep you motivated using proven frameworks

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Q. How soon would you like to plan your career?


No, we offer a personalized career roadmap broken down into achievable objectives and tasks tailored to your goals and preferences. You have the flexibility to learn from any source, whether it’s online courses, YouTube videos, or other resources, and track your progress on our app. Post MVP, we’ll integrate courses, learning content, videos, and recommendations into our career roadmap.


Csqr goes beyond just answering questions. We bring career essentials required for career success under one app. From building positive career habits to achieving goals and tracking progress, Csqr utilizes a blend of proven frameworks, proprietary data, and AI to keep you motivated and on track.


Initially, our focus is on technical skills in our MVP. You can use our interactive chatbot to prepare for interviews and evaluate your technical skills. However, post MVP, we’ll expand our focus to include essential soft skills like communication and people skills, vital for overall career success.


It’s pronounced “C-Square,” just like C^2!

No, you have the flexibility to work on the roadmap at your own pace. The timeline provided is based on proven frameworks and serves as a recommendation, but you’re free to adjust it to suit your needs and circumstances.