What is Required to Achieve Career Success?

Learning is not just a passive process, it requires intentional effort and a strategic plan. McKinsey & Company offers a powerful strategy for continuous development—the 3x3x3 approach. Focused on setting three specific goals over a three-month period, involving three key supporters, this framework ensures deliberate progress and accountability.

Limiting goals to three at a time prevents dilution of focus, allowing for the development of new habits and intentional improvement. The three-month timeframe aligns with organizational cycles, fostering tangible progress and adaptability. Involving three people in your learning journey creates a supportive network, amplifying opportunities for growth through collaboration and shared accountability.

Embrace the 3x3x3 approach to transform your learning journey into a structured and effective process. We are using the intentional learning framework in our career roadmap designed for you. For a deeper dive into this strategy, read McKinsey’s full article here.