What is Required to Achieve Career Success?

Achieving success in your career requires more than just hard work. It demands a strategic blend of key elements. Let’s dive into what it takes to pave your path to success. Career Roadmap: To have a successful career, you need a personalized career roadmap, including technical and non-technical skills required to excel according to your […]

Guide to AI Career Roles and Paths for Non-Developers

Non-technical / non-developer roles in AI often don’t get the attention they deserve. In this post, I’ll shed light on why these roles are so critical and how you can break into AI using your current skills and strengths. There are plenty of resources that guide you in becoming a machine learning or AI engineer […]

The Secrets of Creating a Vibrant Culture for your Teams

A no-nonsense guide to creating a high-energy, positive culture for your remote teams Culture is what happens when no one’s looking. Culture eats strategy for lunch. These are some of the common informal descriptions of culture. I think of culture as the soul of any team or organization. Intangible and illusive, culture is a difficult […]

Intentional Learning Framework

Learning is not just a passive process, it requires intentional effort and a strategic plan. McKinsey & Company offers a powerful strategy for continuous development—the 3x3x3 approach. Focused on setting three specific goals over a three-month period, involving three key supporters, this framework ensures deliberate progress and accountability. Limiting goals to three at a time […]

Strategic Upskilling for Professionals

McKinsey recently shared a guide on generative AI for CIOs and CTOs, outlining nine steps to unlock annual values ranging from $2.6 to $4.4 trillion. The guide focuses not just on the technical side but also stresses the importance of teaching new skills to people in different roles and at different skill levels. McKinsey highlights […]